Sunny Sunday, and Gun Talk

Hello Peeps! I just wanted to say, firstofall, that my lounge is so tidy and gorgeous and House Beautiful that I almost can't believe it. It won't last, but yeah, a thing of beauty. Even the jade plant got its leaves dusted. You should all come over and visit RIGHT NOW. But you won't, you'll wait until Wednesday when there is scrumpled-up homework, dirty socks and half-folded laundry full of cat hair and the very paintings on the wall are crooked.

Today is the third day we've seen the sun for 2013, in the Jolly South of England. Everywhere you look, peeps are hanging duvet covers out to dry. Later I'll take Sam and Max up to Ashley Heath, where Chas and his friends are having fun in the woods. I should be specific: They are playing Airsoft, which involves buying loads of expensive toy gun stuff and shooting at one another. The bullets are plastic pellets and they HURT! Not that I have ever felt it myself because IF YOU SHOOT YOUR MOTHER WITH AN AIRSOFT GUN YOU ARE DOOOOMED.

I used to be one of those hippie-granola mums who would not buy my kids toy guns. I encouraged the boys to play gentle, peaceful games and go on nature loving hikes. We had long discussions about resolving conflict in non-violent ways. That didn't stop friends and family from buying them toy guns for Christmas of course, which the boys absolutely loved, but on the whole my sons had less guns than the average little boy. They also didn't have a TV and never saw violent films until they were old enough to go off and visit friends who had one. They have all grown up to love guns, shoot-em-up video games and dressing up in camouflage to snipe at each other. One or more of them may even make a career of this, which scares me.

Drawing trick: Try drawing upside-down, it works!
So, what is the point of this post? HA! There isn't one! I'm just thinking aloud, really. Parenting is all about letting go, it seems. Which is fine. And we still have art days. No-one wants to shoot stuff outside when it's raining!


I think it is innate, the difference between girls and boys. When Dad talks about his childhood it all about setting things on fire and using air rifles. Dan plays horribly violent video games and goes clay pigeon shooting and wants to spend a lot of money on a shotgun. Girls don't seem to have these issues.

I guess you just have to embrace it and educate them safe ways to play with such toys and to understand the real dangers of persuing such endeavours. And to act responsibly because people could get seriously hurt. I think the more you fight it the more they will want to do it.

Anyway that is my 5 cents for what it is worth.
Anonymous said…
Better to learn that guns can hurt-- even with plastic pellets, right?
My tribe has the airsoft guns. Boys are just wired that way.
Enjoy your clean space while it lasts!