Yup, it Snowed!

And it's still snowing.

Half the neighbourhood has turned up to play, trailing wet things in and out, borrowing hats ("mine is wet!") and they are now half-undressed while the dehumidifier and the space heater crank out enough heat to defrost the North Pole. Jackets, trousers, socks, leggings, gloves and hats are draped everywhere.

One inch of snow causes mass confusion, school closures and great joy in Bournemouth!

Now search images: 'Meanwhile, in Canada'.

As soon as all our stuff is dry, we're all walking over to a friend's house, where she promises to feed the troops. We'll do the whole draping of wet clothes everywhere again. The boys and I are supposed to be driving to Surrey tomorrow. Hmmmmmmm, that might not happen. Send dry socks!


Anonymous said…
What fun to enjoy a snow day!
If it means a day off school, it's probably fun. FB shows what it's like here- lovely.
Nan Sheppard said…
It was totally fun, and we DID make it to Surrey which was even more fun!
Candygirlflies said…
HAHA!! Enjoy the white stuff... as best you can!

Meanwhile in Canada, if you can believe it, it is TOO COLD TO SNOW. When I went off to work yesterday, the thermometer read -24 degrees C, and with wind chill... Well, you don't want to know THAT particular reading, especially if you have yard duty at the school.

Sometimes, it's just better not to know.

Someday, I'm going to come up with a design for Canada's first thermal underwear, made out of an electric blanket. On days like this, it would be WORTH hauling a portable generator around behind me on wheels.