I'm Only Writing This to Prove I Can Stay Up Past 9

Greetings, from the desk of the corporate working, freelancing supermom of exhausted fabulousness.

I've finished writing an article this week on the joys of boredom, and in the process I realised that the BEST boring times of my childhood were spent in detention. Detention was in the library, once a week, and I was often there for not doing my homework. So I spent a happy hour in my favourite room in the school, scanning the shelves from where I sat, checking to see if I had missed any books and remembering my fictional friends. My body was indoors, but my mind was merrily off somewhere.

I'd like to thank all of my teachers for setting such mind-numbing homework in the first place, (Copy out ten sentences from page 24 and underline the nouns. I mean, who actually DOES that?) (everybody except me, apparently) and a big hug to all of them for repeatedly sending me to detention despite it never making the slightest difference.

Apart from detention, I didn't like school much. It was dullsville, and for some reason I spent a lot of effort avoiding being smart. It was not cool to be smart in those days, that's my excuse. Or I was just awkward, lazy and shy, and hated school.

Do you know the best career choice for awkward, lazy, shy, nerdy kids? Become a writer!

Job sharing is going really well, I love working half the week. I'm getting organized and even sorted out my filing last week, which was wonderfully boring. Great creative things can happen now.


Anonymous said…
I hated writing in school, too. But then? I learned to TYPE!
Glad to read you are kicking butt in the freelance world!
Nan Sheppard said…
Whoever invented typing gets a meeeeelion karma points from me :)
Reminds me of a book on how to stay smart in a dumbed down world. Sounds like you figured it out, though. Good for you for the job-sharing, creative writing goddess you've become. Couldn't have happened to a nicer person.