It's okay, cuz I'm not often a treacherous old hag. Apparently.

Quote of the week, from Sam: "That's ok mum. It's not often you carry on like a treacherous old hag." In reply to my "Sorry about the bad mood guys, blame it on the weather, PMS, whatever you like."

Sandra Boynton's Cow
Yup, I had a few days of WASHING THE DISHES LOUDLY, muttering under my breath while cooking (very hag-like I agree), and saying "Somebody had better move that sock before I have a COW."

Once Sam had basically accused me of being, albeit temporarily, a treacherous old hag, the boys' conversation turned to how, generally, I was quite normal as parents go and that we can all consider ourselves fortunate that treacherous hag behaviour only occurs once in a blue moon or less. The kids had been merrily ignoring my muttering and stomping, I suddenly realised.

I said nothing, and focused on driving the car. Where does a parent go with this?

A) "Gee thanks honey, I'm glad not to be a treacherous hag ALL the time"
B) "That's some mighty good imagery, I'm so proud of your literary skills. You clearly take after your mother"
D) So muttering and stomping is COMPLETELY ineffectual? What am I supposed to do, to traumatise these kids?
E) Other. Please Define.

The weather has been truly awful, drizzle/sleet/hail/drizzle. I've reduced my work hours and thus my income. I have indeed had PMS. Anyway, the mood is over, today is sunny-ish, I feel like I'm getting a little more on top of things, I am about to start sending freelance queries out again so send good money vibes!

The nice thing about being in a BAD MOOD is that it doesn't last, and the cat loves nothing better than a person who's sulking prone on the sofa. Plus, little things that have been slightly irritating come to a head, like CLUTTER. So you use the evil mood to GET RID OF CLUTTER and ta-daa, it's all organized! In fact, maybe I should go into Hag Mode more often. Just kidding! I prefer 'normal', I have to say.

Are you sick of Winter yet? Commiserate.


Anonymous said…
Getting there. I like how you channel the evil hag mode to destroy clutter--I'm stealing that idea!
I laughed at Sam's comment! I'm having a hard time hating the long winter when I spent 2 mos. of it in Trinidad and am now in FL for 10 days. Kelly and the kids are here too so life is dandy. Your the nicest hag I know.
Candygirlflies said…
Well... at least you're NOT a:

"Rancorous,coiffured old sow"

(Insult-of-choice around these parts... Three guesses where THAT one comes from???!)

And, sick of winter?



xoxo CGF
Hilarious! I think I was a treacherous old hag today.
Unknown said…
Out of the mouths of babes - Treacherous Old Hag. None of the three words which comprise that appellation apply to you - not individually, coupled or in complete aggregation.

Nan Sheppard said…
:) Blame it all on Winter!