Or, re-beginnings! Freelancing (all writing, in fact) took a bit of a nosedive while I worked a full time job, crashed my laptop, adored a kitten, shook my fist at the weather, turned 40, handled family upheavals, said goodbye to my granny and was generally fabulous-but-distracted. As you are sometimes.

I'm all organized to get back into the freelancing thing. TOTALLY ORGANIZED, INSPIRED and READY TO GO!

***ducks, flinches and anticipates zombie apocalypse***

It's okay. The boys say we are totally ready for a zombie apocalypse. The teenagers will deal with it. I will write wittily about it and keep you informed and entertained. Yes, wittily IS a word.
The denizens of this household can handle anything that comes our way. But we cannot, for love or glory, put our socks in the laundry basket. One of the oddities of teenagehood, that.


Anonymous said…
Yeah, my kids are also prepared to fight the zombies, but cannot divvy up a box of cereal without requiring help. Or flush or turn off light switches.
Nan Sheppard said…
What is it with flushing? Sometimes I write FLUSH on the toilet in indelible ink.