Celebrating a Special Lady

Margo passed away peacefully yesterday. Thank you for all of your good wishes to her. We will try not to cry too many tears...Tonight we will dance and sing and raise a toast in her honour. That is what she would have wanted!


Anonymous said…
I'm raising my glass to her over here...remarkable stories you've shared here, so I feel as though I got to know her a bit.
Candygirlflies said…
I'm so sorry, Nan.

Love to you all, and a special THANKS to you for sharing Margo with us.

xoxo CGF
I only had a couple of times with Margo in Trinidad, her memory wasn't great, she repeated the same things a few times, but I so enjoyed the opportunity to talk with her, spend time and share and chuckle about our lives. She was gracious and interesting with her remarkable self peaking through if not totally available to her. I'm glad I met her, I wish her buon viaggio. For you who are left, I wish you happy memories and peace.
Anonymous said…
So sorry to hear this. I've loved your stories of her over the years. Rest in peace, Margo.