Waiting Made Easy

Assisting cat nap
While the rain falls down again
I am a cat lap

I'm typing this on the iPad, which involved signing kids out and signing myself in and getting a text with my verification code to type in because I'm uber-secrutiy here... All very fiddly.

Both household laptops have gone off to the neighbourhood computer shop to get some geek love. So I'm waiting to get them back. Mine is getting a new and improved hard drive, which I installed myself but then missed a step in all the re-installing and restoring, panicked, prayed and decided to let the experts do it. Luckily, I am a master backup-er.

Everyone's also waiting for spring to arrive. And I'm waiting for things to happen at work, and waiting for a court outcome with my fingers crossed. And I'm waiting for the washing machine to stop spinning. I should hop up and do some filing, but that would disturb the cat. So we'll just... Wait.


Anonymous said…
You are such a techie. I'm totally reliant on Mr. D for tech support--and at his mercy, too.

Being a cat bed is one thing I kind of miss.
Good for you for the back up! Spring is starting here- 19, sunny and things blooming as well as EVERYONE out running/ walking/ biking today. Good luck with the court outcome and yay for iPads when computers are away!
Nan Sheppard said…
I have my laptop back, and all is well. Still waiting for everything else :) Grandmother, I HAVE to come and visit this year. Fingers crossed! Green Girl, I have missed having a cat. They are THE best.