Informative Teen Infographic

I just love Sam's cartoon, for so many reasons. "Nooo... Anything but the triple shot!" I notice the panel where the hero cleans up the mess is missing...

It's holiday time! There are hordes of hungry boys here, and one girl. She has very wisely hooked up with the neighbours, who are doing girly things.

You learn a thing or two, when eleven year olds are hanging out and forget you're listening.

Max had a minor incident involving leaping out of a tree with a rope, and crashing into another tree. No A&E visits so far.

Video games are happening. And we're eating lots of chocolate, naturally. And cheesy nachos. And noodles. And roast beef and yorkshire puds, and more chocolate.

In a few minutes, I will drop Max and all of the younger kids over for another mum to be in charge of. Tomorrow I'm going to work, and tonight I have some freelancing to do. There is going to be some fun coming up too. It's all systems go!


Ndinombethe said…
Love it! Is that a pimply bum? Or hairy? Haha! Love to the boys. -
Nan Sheppard said…
Totally adore the pimply bum! Sam cracks me up :)