I've Been a Busy Bee

It's nice to feel creative. I'm not sure if it's just the arrival of spring, or finally releasing Margo, or just a mind set, or getting into the part-time-work groove, or all of the above; but I've got that lovely feeling of possibility.

It helps that I've had another feature published in the lovely Aquila magazine, the best magazine for kids that I know of. I got my April 2013 issue in the mail, and apart from my own two-page spread, there is some really good stuff in there! Aquila is celebrating it's 20th year, and reading this issue I can understand why it's so popular.

I've also been writing a useful travel guide over at Scary Mommy: Our own tried and tested activities for kids in London.

The day job has recently been fairly bogged down and stressful, but since January I've been job sharing so Wednesday is my Friday!!!!! Which totally rocks.

There is so much on my To Do list... I'm even hankering to get some painting done. I'm loving having my week divided in thirds, with a few days of office work, two for freelancing and chillaxed weekends. It's a perfect routine. This evening I went for a beach walk with a friend, and the work week melted away.

And I took photos of heart shaped rocks, and then the sea washed them away. Because who needs hearts of stone?