This Week, I'm a Freelance Writer

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I have been 'temping' for almost a year at the same job, and in January I gratefully went 'part time' to spend more time writing. Recently, the part time gig came to a happy end with the best outcome for all concerned.

Which means I AM JOBLESS!! I am so thrilled and excited to embark on a full time freelancing career. I am also completely petrified.

I am not making enough money to survive as a freelancer, yet. But I have allotted two weeks to give it a go, before I have to go banging on Tate Recruitment's door and admit defeat. They are the best employment agency in the entire universe, by the way. If you are an admin whiz and can wow with your mad excel skillz, classy customer service poise or problem-solving acumen, pay them a visit. They were keen to have me begin a new placement almost immediately but I really hope I can find enough work to stay home in my jammies eating chocolates all day.

During my two weeks focusing on freelancing, by happy coincidence (the coincidences surrounding this whole life change have been quite eye-opening), there will be a free learning festival at Bournemouth University. I have signed up for TEN different courses, ranging from writing to social media marketing to anthropology to permaculture. Some are just an hour's lecture, some an all day workshop. This is so full of *SQUEEEE* I can barely contain myself!

Send fabulous marketing vibes, creative urges and chocolate.


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Nan absolutely loves talking about herself in the third person, and it is possibly the largest contributing factor to her desire to become an author.


Anonymous said…
Sending fabulous marketing vibes and creative urges your way. I'm out of chocolate. ;)
I know just where you can get the best chocolate and have Kelly for company to boot! Good luck with the quest to be a full time writer- you're certainly a good one so it's merely a matter of publishers awakening to that fact. Have fun along the way!