Catching Up...

Well hello there!

Just a speedy post to say: It's been a while! I KNOW I said I was taking time off work to focus entirely on writing, but then my agency called and said "I know you said you weren't available but there's this job - in a library - in the Arts University."

I know, a library IN a specialist Arts University. Could there be a cooler place? (No there couldn't!) It's just a temporary project so I'll be there for a few more weeks and who knows what will happen next. Writing is still happening of course, but not so much blogging. In fact, I have to keep pen and paper nearby in the library due to sudden attacks of inspiration.

Will nap when old.
Photo by Bunty. 
So I have had a busy time, worked, attended some lectures, and also had a teenager revelation. i.e. teenagers look and sound all big and grown up and sensible, but actually they are just babies. But smellier and hairier and hungrier. And possibly worse sleep patterns. So I need to lower my expectations and stop assuming that they will notice that their muddy shoes have been in the middle of the bathroom floor all weekend. Silly me!

I've ridden my bike a lot lately, to work and back (that's why it rained all week, yo) and life is good.

I hope all is well with you!


Anonymous said…
Sounds so full and grand and GOOD in your world--except for the hair and smells.
Nan Sheppard said…
Pretty good :) Even my plants are flowering and looking pretty!

All I need is to win the lottery :)