Freelancing and The Summer Holidays: DAY 2!!

Jello - One of Your Medicine Cabinet Staples!
I was pretty sure that my sensible plan of "Wake Up Early and Work Before the Teenagers Rise" was going to swing into action today. But then Max got into my bed at 1.00 a.m. with a vomity tummy. So we stumbled to the loo at 1.30, 4 and 6. And then he fell asleep and dreamed happy dreams while I sighed and made lime juice and jello.

He's totally fine now, and has had a piece of toast and some juice and a crisis because Dragonvale has lost all of his progress.

Speaking of great dragon-themed game apps for kids, I'd like to strongly recommend 'Dragonbox'. It secretly teaches algebra, but it's so fun and addictive that when I downloaded the app for the kids, I played it for an hour. And then, I recommended it to a freelancing friend, Luis, for his kids. And he said "Hey!! I'm so glad you like it, a friend of mine wrote it. And the soundtrack is mine." Epic! The monster characters were created by a talented French 14-year-old designer, Chloe Faller.

One of the nicest things about freelancing is getting to work with people from all over the world. And I've noticed that in online multiperson gaming, which many teenagers are hooked on, there is great cooperation and discussion with players internationally. My teen Sam told me that he was in 'difficult diplomatic talks' with the leader of an opposing tribe in one game. Joining forces would be good for both of them. But the opponent said "No, your tribe is fool!" Talks continue with hope for peace and prosperity!

How will all of this conversation and teamwork - and play - affect the way we, as citizens of Earth, see our fellow players in the future? Only time will tell.

In other freelancing news, all is quiet in the publishing world. It seems that many magazines take time off during the summer, and I'm getting a few out of office replies. It makes sense, and I should have seen it coming - many magazines bring out a 'bumper issue' for July and August, and operate a skeleton staff over the holidays. I'll make sure my work calendar for next year reflects that!

Are you working hard? Or taking it easy for the holidays?