Weird Virus, but Not Zombie Apocalypse

So I've been lying in bed all flu-y and REALLY SICK, with a weird virus that affected my eyes, like conjunctivitis, but WORSE, and I looked like a zombie, all baggy-eyed like I'd been in a horrible accident. Very exciting for the boys, who totally expect a zombie apocalypse at any moment. I could hear them reporting on my status to concerned callers: "Well, one eye is really swollen closed today and the other one is kinda yellow..."

I get the impression that my improvement is not very interesting. The "In Case of Zombie Apocalypse or Other Distressing Situation" supplies have remained in the top of a kitchen cupboard. Life has gone back to normal, almost, only my eyesight is still a bit blurry as my corneas were infected - A full recovery is expected though, and I'm following all doctor's orders. Reading is a strain. Imagine being sick for ages and not being able to read! Come on, universe!

The good thing about looking like death is that everyone goes "HOLY SHIT YOU LOOK AWFUL!" So wanting to lie in bed in the dark and make pitiful groans for two weeks, eating nothing and having fever dreams and aching bones is just fine. People rally round, look after the kids and cook large lasagnes. My friends... I just don't even know how to express my love and gratitude to my friends. I am incredibly lucky to have such wonderful people in my life.

Sorry, no zombie self-portraits will be posted here!
I'll be back to my glamorous old self presently, so stay tuned for further brilliance.

P.S: Are you on Pinterest?


Anonymous said…
I'd be going around wearing sunglasses and floppy hats, pretending to be a celebrity in disguise.
Glad you're feeling somewhat better-what a weird virus!
Did the boys take photos to sell to their friends to scare them? Hope the recovery is full and swift!
Nan Sheppard said…
I'm all better now - And reducing stress in my life. Whew!