Long Time No Blog!

This summer has been so action-packed that I just don't know where to begin. We have moved house, yay! We've got lots of bedrooms and another full bathroom, which is really good. My bedroom-studio-office is massive, with huge bay windows and pretty soon it will have a large countertop workspace all along the windows. The boys all have their very own rooms. Happiness!

Racing at Cowes Isle of Wight Sailing Week
Moving house is stressful, because the fridge dies just when you've bought lots of food. And it all costs 14,097,336 million dollars more than you think it will. And you can't find anything. And then you realise that you're going to need a trip to ikea because you haven't got the built-in storage you're used to (another 354,670 pounds. or dollars. where are we again?) And then, you go sailing because OMG, sailing! And you drink too much because some friends are just a bad influence. And you live on a lot of fast food and junk (see above, dead fridge) and now have a BELLY. And from time to time you go away and visit loved ones and have fun, but when you come home it's all WHY DID LITTLE ELVES NOT COME AND UNPACK WHILE WE WERE AWAY? And you have to make 57 trips to the local tip with cardboard and all the crap that someone left in the shed. And you needed to replace the carpet in 2 rooms because eew. And several walls will have to be painted as there is only so much beige you can take. And there was meant to be a final week off last week but you got called out urgently to work a week early and seriously? Yikes!

I lost my marbles, but my niece found them
The cat is happy. And so are the boys. And me too of course. we've had three lots of visitors, and they were happy too, even though we couldn't walk from one room to another without falling over things. Very grateful for visitors who arrived bearing power tools, wine, good cheer and all-round cheerful helpfulness. Oh, the new fridge is LARGE. However, houses that have just been moved into are not at ALL toddler proof, in case you didn't know.

After more than a month of hot, sunny, routine-free chaotic holiday living, I am looking forward to the predictability of term time. I know that I am not alone - I've had several emails and phone calls in the past week from freelancers and editors who are just going through their emails and getting back into the swing of things. Thinking about upcoming projects and getting organized. It looks like everyone took time off while the weather was so amazing. The next few months will be busy, catching up on jobs big and small. I'll be ready shortly, with my fab new workspace. Tonight I'm proof reading an article to send off, and catching up with some emails - all while sitting on the (newly carpeted) floor, with my laptop propped on a cardboard box. And I'm eating icecream. Healthy habits and regular writing resume tomorrow!


Anonymous said…
Oh, this sounds marvelous! Congrats on getting it done--and having the capacity to see the humor in all of it!
I bet you're chomping at the bit to get back to routine now. I know I am.