PMS Jokes are Not Funny. Period.

Yes, folks, I actually stamped my foot today. Like a toddler. I *almost* threw myself down on the cold, hard floor new carpet and thrashed around but two of my friends staged an intervention and organized my son's birthday cake and brought wine over. I stomped a bit more and yelled at the kids (all of them) but everyone ignored me so all was well.

I've got a very happy twelve-year-old boy here. I can't believe how quickly he's grown up. Today he got the JUST RELEASED 'Last Stand of Dead Men', book 8 in the Skulduggery Pleasant series by Derek Landy. He's been counting the days to the release of this book, which is full of terrifying skeletons and vampires. And those are the good guys. Also, the best teenage girl character in any recent book series. Stephanie rocks. Max has always loved to dress up as literary characters - He has been Bilbo Baggins in a green waistcoat (with brass buttons), Harry Potter, a Dementor, various kings and knights... Last year he tried to be Skulduggery, but it's hard to be a good skeleton detective.
I will have to look around for more good costume bits. A fedora, we need one.

Ok, I have to go and read to the birthday boy, or he says he'll start without me.


Anonymous said…
Happy birthday to him! Good luck finding a fedora...
I HATE those PMS mood swings. They're awful while while they last and after they're over.