Room of My Own

Our new home has so much more space that not only do the teenagers have their own bathroom (happy sigh) BUT I have room for freelancing and general fabulousness!

Since some people feel that eating and sleeping and pooping are more important than painting and writing and being a creative genius, other rooms have had to be sorted before I can get my work space sorted out. But look at that light!

I'm going to get a worktop cut to fit into the bay window, and I already have a hundred great ideas for projects that will not need to be moved just because people want breakfast. My bed is at the opposite end of the room, where one wall is going to be painted golden yellow as soon as I have a spare moment. The 'look what I have' cabinet has been re-purposed as an art supplies cabinet - I haven't decided where the other stuff that was in there is going to end up!

Once it's all done with worktop, curtains and so on, I'll do another photoshoot. It might be a while, what with exciting full time temp work and parenting and so on. I've got some busy kids these days, with big exams coming up and lots of activities. We're still tweaking our back-to-school routine, trying to get into the groove that works best.

I've got a great feature in this month's Green Parent Magazine, so look out for it! Next month, Aquila has a Solar System themed issue, and I've got an article in there as well. Soon, you will be able to ask me anything at Work Your Way, where I'm a featured business expert. Sometimes I still feel like I'm faking it when I say to people, 'I'm a writer'. But there you go. I am! I look forward to getting back into painting and design again, now that I'll have the space. It will be interesting to see how the room evolves, being a bedroom/office/art studio/writer's retreat/yoga room. Furniture may have to be moved!


Anonymous said…
How wonderful--that space and all that natural light!
Nan Sheppard said…
It's so good to have more room to play with :) Very inspiring!
That is one fabulous room! Have fun with the decorating and general creative genius stuff you do. I'm a fan.
Nan Sheppard said…
Thanks for the good vibes, Grandmother!