Tea Ceremony

(Blue mugs and chicken bowl - Ajoupa Pottery
Tall mugs - From Corfe Castle Pottery)
Almost every single Friday afternoon, a few of us get together to do a thorough postmortem on the week. We sigh, warm up a few pizzas for the kids, and put our feet up. Usually, we switch from tea to wine at some point in the evening but not always. The kids play, or watch a DVD, or go to the park. They trail pizza into the lounge, and we say "AARGH, EAT IT IN THE KITCHEN!" This signals the start of the weekend.

This week was a doozy for everyone. Jam-packed with extra work, life changes, traumas and events. One friend is a foster carer and the baby she's been mothering for most of his life went off to his new mummy and daddy - A happy event but always very hard nonetheless. Another friend will not be finishing her nursing degree - Also very hard but the right decision. A few kids are getting into major exam time. Everyone has had a cold, a tummy thing or both. We deserved a huge sigh of relief and an uneventful evening, but instead we rushed a child to A&E with a rather nasty cut on her knee. She'll be fine, and is sporting an epic bandage and lots of glittery stickers.

Never mind, there's always next week!

Have you got a weekly ritual that makes you smile?


Anonymous said…
That sounds like a very very good way to end the week. Wish I had something like that.
Nan Sheppard said…
PlanetNomad, make it happen! How about a long walk every Friday evening, or take the family to a cafe for hot chocolate and a re-hash of the week? Or Pancakes on Saturday mornings? (Ok, hahaha, teenagers will be asleep until lunchtime!)
Anonymous said…
Sounds like you have the best kind of support group to weather the week's storms.
I have tea with my neighbor on random days but I like this deliberate Friday re-cap of the week. TGIF= thank goddess it's friends.