Yoga With a Toddler

I've had a slightly different week this week - My niece came to visit while her mum and dad had a getaway! My lovely friends babysat for a few hours every morning so that I could go to work, and it has been sunny all week so my afternoons have revolved around getting laundry hung outside and rescuing Bear from the birdbath.

Maggie has been chased round the house by my niece squeaking "Puu! Puu!" until she gave up running away. She has resigned herself to being firmly cuddled and patted. I always admire a cat who allows themselves to be tormented by a toddler and doesn't ever put her claws out. Tomorrow I will buy Maggie some special treats for being a patient cat.

My yoga practice this week has been more of a headstand contest, with much switching of mats. Because if you say "This is MY mat" to a toddler, you are just asking for it.

Apart from adoring my niece and working, I've got good stuff in the latest issue of The Green Parent, and more fun articles coming up in Aquila and elsewhere, so I've been pretty busy!

Can you believe it's October already? Today was the first day in Dorset with a definite nip in the air. Where has the year gone?


Anonymous said…
You are a good auntie--I've never had success attempting yoga or much else with toddlers!