Mirror, Mirror - Do I Really Look Like That?

I'm having a mirror problem in my new house... Poor lighting and a lack of actual large mirrors mean that I head merrily out in the morning with liner on one eye, or my hair standing up on end. Or a worse-than-I-thought zit on my chin. Or hairier armpits than I realised. Or... you get the picture. And then I get to work, where by ten o'clock I need to pee and I look in the mirror there and say "GAH!"

I took a picture of my bathroom mirror to show you what I mean. Sam wanted to know if we were taking selfies to a whole new level. We are standing in the bath in this pic, which is the only way to get close enough to the mirror. The shower is behind.

I suppose I could move the big mirror to a better lit area where it can actually be used for looking at oneself in. But it's looking SO PRETTY where it is.

It's a hard life. But having no idea what I look like is so good that I'm thinking of having the loo mirrors at work removed and replaced with paintings.


Anonymous said…
That is a horrible thing to discover you THINK you look fine, but then NOT!
Full length mirror in the bedroom is my rule of the day before going out. I dislike those kind of surprises!
Nan Sheppard said…
but what if we ALL had no idea what we looked like? We should have an international no mirror day!