My Cat Loves Me When I Have a Cold

There are few things Maggie loves more than a warm body on a cold day. She's slightly miffed at my sneezing, but figures she can live with it as long as I don't move my feet AT ALL.

So I've stayed home from work to try and kill my cold with soup and cat therapy.

Sam is pleased because a delivery man was due to arrive with a mysterious package, and he just did. He had neon green hair, very fetching. Sam is building the fastest PC in the world, with which he will take over the world. Or at least Tribal Wars World 73. Or something. Or, it WOULD be the fastest PC in the world if Sam had a meeeelion dollars, but he's doing the best he can with bits of other machines and souped-up parts. 

I'm seriously looking forward to Christmas! Are you? I've done some shopping for stocking stuffers and ordered a tree, and I can't wait to lie on the floor listening to carols and eating fudge while the tree lights twinkle. 

If I ever get up, I may do some housework. There are teenage clothes lying on the floor, and I am weighing the pros and cons of sniffing them for cleanliness. On one hand, GAH! They are stinky and I pass out, losing valuable housework time. On the other, I don't sniff them and risk having to wash items that don't really need washing. Wasting valuable sofa time. It's a conundrum. Maybe staying put is the best plan. At least the cat will be pleased. 


Anonymous said…
I cannot even THINK of Christmas yet. I cannot.
Nan Sheppard said…
Green Girl, GLITTER! and FUDGE! and CHRISTMAS CAROLS!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
I have a cold too, but I'm mostly current on laundry so that conundrum's solved! Get well soon! And I'm with GG--too soon for Christmas. I like to ease into it gently, starting at the end of Nov.
Yep, I have to think of Christmas early because we take it to Trinidad and we leave in just 1 month!