Signs and Portents...

Thanks, Planet Nomad, for giving me an idea for today's post! The photo sign in yesterday's was taken in Port-of-Spain one Carnival morning. And yes, one of the most wonderful things about travelling is the hilarious signs seen everywhere. Here are a few!

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. Carnival Monday.

 Cheddar Village, Somerset, England.
Scarborough, Tobago.
Devon. England.
My Kitchen.
Wessex Way Underpass, Bournemouth.
And your thought for today, Toco Road, Trinidad.


Anonymous said…
I adore the free range sign and the last...propaganda! Oy!
Candygirlflies said…
My favourite sign in Stratford, Ont used to be one for a two level building that read:



Heck, they might even have been able to manage MY wintertime feet!

xoxo CGF