What has Science REALLY Done for Us?

I mean, where is that robot, that I can put to work washing the dishes while I sit here with my feet up? Where's the time machine that will give me more hours to read another chapter to Max, bake a few carrot cakes and write a novel?

I shouldn't complain too much - Today I read that there is scientific evidence that meditation can reprogram my DNA and that if my teens think I'm an alien it's not the end of the world. So that's good. It still doesn't help with the laundry heap, but I will try to incorporate laundry-folding asana into my life.

I haven't blogged much recently, and you can totally blame that on my lack of housekeeping robots, my travelling, lots of work, lovely visitors, school meetings, articles in two magazines, fun outings, dancing, joy and long baths.

And that's all I'm signing in to say, really!


Teleportation would be nice and maybe a some sort crystal ball to look into so that when times are tough you can look into and say... ahh but it will pass and it will get better instead of just hoping it will get better!

But time travel with all its temperal dispturbances and having to worry about NOT upsetting the past so that you dont change the future...that's all a bit too much for me!!!

And of course a robot (or minion)to do your bidding (a friendly one like CP30) would be great!!! Although a willing Mother who comes to stay and does it for you is just as good...heheheee =)

Love you Mum!
Have to say that all those important activities trump blogging, but I do love hearing from you! Hi to your Mum as well.