It's That Time of Year Again!!!

Me & Debs enjoying the Famous English Fog
Pic taken by the famous Trash Alou
Ahh, April. I hate you. Occasional warm-ish, sunny days make me rush outside and shout "Holy Crap, Look at these Tulips how Beautiful!!" And then down comes the rain again. You are fickle, irritating and make my feet cold and my laundry damp, April.

Despite April's best efforts, all is well here. I realise I haven't blogged about much except gardening and maybe the cat - This has turned in to THAT kind of blog! I haven't done much freelancing lately, and my life seems to be all about sorting socks, yoga, hanging out with visitors, deciphering my dreams, thinking and reading books these days. But I'm not complaining, after the hectic chaos of last year. My temp job is ticking along, and I'm trying to appreciate the long waits between decision and action that often happens in large organizations. I have a few lovely features to write for the end of April, and when it stops raining I can plant my seedlings and have my sunny desk back. So stay tuned!

"Oh you want the FOG! Well, there's no accounting for taste is there?"


Always very funny. And I don't mind reading about the cat and gardening. It's very restful! I've been reading about what plants would grow well in our garden I'm very excited to begin it too!