Things I've Found in Lockdown Pockets

In these strange times, there are no tickets, coins, bills or interesting oddities in our pockets, which is unusual and this blog is suffering an identity crisis.

However, there are things afoot. It's been so interesting to see the outpouring of optimism and community strength everywhere. In a YouGov poll, most Britons don't want things to go back to the 'normal' we once knew. The importance of caring for our planet and our people is on everyone's minds, it seems. Those of us who have been harping on for a million years about inequality and marginalisation are saying 'I told you so'. Local food security charities like this one are getting some love, but the need is greater than ever.

In home news, my youngest son has had his A Levels and his gap year travel plans scuppered. We're having interesting conversations about life, flexibility and resilience with his older brothers and other loved ones. Heaps of books are being read. Music and art are being made, scrabble is being played and help and support are being shared wherever we can be useful. We are used to communicating with our extended family on video chat, as they are spread out all over the world, so there's lots of that. We have heard sad news of friends who are really struggling, deaths in families, anxiety and fear - we feel a bit like we're in a lovely bubble, enjoying the down time and re-connecting.

A son just came in and said 'where have the googly eyes gone?' and went off giggling merrily with them. It's never boring around here. Much love and merriment, to all of you out there from all of us here!

And tell me: What have you got in your pockets?


Green Girl said…
The peace and quiet has been lovely. I agree, all of our grousing about inequality and health care and wages seem to FINALLY have more people's attention!
Online teaching/learning aside, I think our stress level is down several notches here. But we are arguably very fortunate.
Nan Sheppard said…
Yes, practising a lot of gratitude here. And Green Girl, I see that you have a new book published! Woot!