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For what I'm up to at Bournemouth Uni, head to my profile page there. 

I am studying Sociology and Anthropology and loving it. I'm expecting to complete my degree in 2018, with first class honours (fingers crossed!). Hoping that my studies will tie in with my other experiences to enable me to make a bigger difference in the world. So far, it's just incredibly fun. I've met amazing, passionate people. 

Meanwhile, I'm still temping via Tate, freelancing when I can and dancing in the kitchen whenever necessary. 
I am a writer, activist and researcher with seven years of experience in teaching parenting skills to at-risk teens in Trinidad. I also write non-fiction, mostly science, for children. I am passionate about empowering families through education. 


"Nan's work was of exceptional quality, her research was thorough and she contributed an enormous amount to the project. The results of her research will be used in our forthcoming exhibition, documentary and booklet."
Charlotte Bill, Film Director 

"Nancy is never fazed by the size of the class or daunted by the prospect of speaking on breastfeeding to large numbers of, sometimes initially unreceptive, teenage youth. She has a spontaneous, non judgemental , respectful  approach  which is greatly appreciated by students and staff alike.  This has resulted in every Centre putting in special requests, specifically asking for Nancy to conduct their programmes. In recent times she has also been involved in training other counsellors to become facilitators for the programme and all remark on her easy, but effective, training style, as well as her easy interaction with the young people...  Her ‘down to earth’ approach is welcomed  and she is particularly good  at encouraging interaction within groups whose members  may be slow to participate."
Rosemary Anatol, TIBS 

"I first hired Nan to write a feature for Issue 2 of Work Your Way Magazine and was so impressed by her writing, that I hired her to write and blog for us on a regular basis. Nan is an incredibly talented writer, who has that rare ability to transport you to wherever she is writing about. She captivates you with imagery and local knowledge that only a well heeled traveller could possibly possess. The result is not only authentic but very beautiful writing. I can highly recommend Nan, and look forward to seeing her produce work for far bigger names. I'm sure we will." 
Mary Cummings, Editor 

"Ms. Sheppard offered extremely professional customer service skills in supporting ICT calls from students and staff, as well as interacting with external stakeholders and suppliers. Ms. Sheppard is extremely diligent and supportive in all the work she carries out, whether defining business administration tasks in understanding workflows and improving business efficiencies to general support of ICT systems including Windows / Mac operating systems, mobile devices (laptops, phones and tablets) and computer account administration." 
Steve Harvey, Head of Digital Campus Services 

"Nan is a writer with great talent, lots of personality and a charming approach to writing. Her articles are thoroughly enjoyable, as well as being highly informative, and she has the creative flair to stand out from the pack and keep her readers coming back for more. Her writing and editing skills would be an asset to any organization or publication. I highly recommend her work." 
Sharon Burford, Cartoonist

You may contact me at nansheppard at btinternet dot com with commissions or interesting projects. 

I believe that there is great power in stories - Myths, fairy tales and the authentic narratives of our lives can be a creative driving force for change.

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