lose weight and find peace in scenic surroundings!

Feeling lethargic? Trying to find inner peace? Need exercise? Get that boost you need and lose weight too, in a beautifully landscaped yogic garden and Feng Shui wooden home!

This lovely place has hosted weddings, yoga retreats, and now YOU can experience the serenity within, in just a few hours a week.

Our technique involves simple, easy-to-learn and repetitive exercises, such as "zen moss scrubbing" and "arachnid catch and release"! Learn to live with all types of creatures, conquer your fears, and work up a healthy sweat too! For the amazing introductory price of only $199.99!

Mops, scrubbing brooms, bleach, vacuum cleaner, cups of tea and sandwiches and MORE are provided, FREE! FREE!

For consultations and further information on this great introductory offer, leave a comment here! Act now! This offer won't last! Success guaranteed!!!


Anonymous said…
HAHAHAHAHAHA.. nice try Nan!
Anonymous said…
If you find anyone to pay 200 bucks to clean out spiders for you, let me
know! I told my boys the other day there were lots of inappropriate things
for children on the internet and Colin said "Like tarantulas?" I should
have said, "No, Aunt Nan's house has tarantulas; the internet has porn!" :)

Erin :)
Anonymous said…

I think I've done this. I got a free trial and I think i prefer to pay
someone else to remove my arachnids for me. And it was wasn't as calming as
the ad made out!

However i have another offer you might be interested in. it is the all
weather, come rain or snow (mostly rain) wait for the train and bus
experience. Very exciting, and sometimes quite challenging!
Nan Sheppard said…
But Ailis, my skin 'n' blister... I thought that you were coming especially to scrub my back porch! Don't tell me you're flying all the way to Trinidad just for the Christmas food?!