Another Day In Parasites: A Complaining Post

My Blackberry has moments of crisis, when I cannot get online at all, or I can read blogs but cannot leave a comment, or I cannot even make a phonecall or send a text, and it is DEPRESSING ME these days. I wonder if I can have a special antenna or dish implanted in the top of my head, to get better reception? At least I am better off than my parents, who have to go stand in the driveway to make a call. But still. I have become pretty dependent on reading my favorite blogs, and keeping in touch with all of those weird and wonderful people out there who I have never actually "MET" but who I LOVE! I miss them so!

(By the way, speaking of love, Sally had a boy! Another Godson for me, another little buddy for the expanding gang of boys! That's happy news, not a complaint... And now, back to your advertised special!)

Yes. So. I have many things to say, but I cannot say them to you dear internet because my dear, sweet, considerate, helpful, thoughtful husband might read them and get his feelings hurt, and we don't want that now do we.

So. I will just go to sleep now, all by myself, because I am very tired from reading romance novels/eating chocolates/having pedicures/telling the maid what to cook/shopping for a new frock.

Or whatever it is I do all day.


Anonymous said…
My comment disappeared, but I wanted to say that I love how you complain in code.