...And in the headlines tonight....

Sorry to be so delinquent these days, my internetties! But don't panic, it is for all the good reasons. I have profitable work to do, and not much time to do it in. I have also been painting with "PICASSO", and even attempted a watercolour today (Boissiere House) (see way back for watercolour frustrations) which seems to be working... I have to finish it at the studio tomorrow morning and drop it at the frame shop. I will give it to Sean for our anniversary, and there is a LONG story behind that which I will not go into right now!

We will be married ELEVEN YEARS on Saturday. Wow. 

Today, I FINALLY!! FINALLY! picked up our passed, stamped house plans. All of the folks at regional corporation are alive and well, and I did not commit arson or even pay a bribe. I am so proud! Now, we can get into tremendous debt! YAY! I am so excited about this, imagine! Building our dream home! US!

Sam skipped school today, and painted with "PICASSO", and I am thinking of becoming the type of parent who marches into the school and tells them how to teach. I am so sad to think that my brilliant, gifted son has spent the past 6 months reading under his desk and doodling, and I don't want him to do that for the next 6 months. Why bother to send him to school at all? He is developing a bad attitude. He might as well paint and climb trees, as he did today. Plus, it was good to spend some quality time with him. PLEASE ADVISE!

I know that everyone just reads this blog for Froggy News, after all Kermit gets the most comments! So I feel compelled to tell you that he is NOT AT HOME. We have had a little rain, (IN FEBRUARY! RAIN!?!?) so I can only assume that he is out eating Aedes Egypti Mosquitoes by the thousands. Good Old Kermit! Come home soon, we actually miss you! Because, it is kindof more scary NOT KNOWING where he IS! Knowing that he could suddenly turn up in a startling and cold-footed manner. We have been skulking about the bathroom, closing the shower curtain caaaaarefuuullyyyy... He will probably turn up one dark night when I have let my guard down.

I walked briskly around the football field while the little footballers practiced sliding in the dust, for 50 minutes yesterday with Vicky, the briskest walker ever. She can speed-walk and speed-talk AT THE SAME TIME, which is good cuz all I have to do is walk and nod. Tomorrow is another football day, so if I have time I will meet the boys there and walk again, but more slowly. My knees!

I have left the dinner dishes in the sink. They will fester there till tomorrow afternoon, imagine that. *sigh*

My husband has just appeared, he did a dangerous goods course today. Am I dangerous, or good?

And THAT was the News at Nine. Tune in tomorrow for more highlights!


Anonymous said…
Nan, is home schooling an option where you live? Sounds like Sam would benefit.
Nan Sheppard said…
I have thought about it, and decided not. I don't have much help with them, and the thought of being around any kid 24/7 gives me chills! Plus, Sam love school. He has many friends, and it is a great school for him: huge library, science lab, plenty of extra curricular activities. Mostly, the teachers are great, and keep him entertained. Just this one seems to think "oh good, I can ignore him, he will be fine."
Anonymous said…
Hey, I was possibly in labour when you were getting married. The twins will be 11 on Saturday! Of course it was a quick labour, so please tell me what time you tied the knot, in US West Coast time. :)
And congratulations!
Nan Sheppard said…
Our ceremony was at about 4.30 in the afternoon, Eastern time. It was beautiful.
GirlBlue said…
Big congratulations on house plans and even bigger congratulations on 11 Years!

As for Kermit *shudders*