O toilet, how I love thee!

Sometimes, I think that I only work because it gives me access to my very own bathroom. I can go in there whenever I want. I never have to put the seat down or wipe up sprays. I never inadvertently SIT on someone else's pee, and there are no toothpaste smears to look at. I can take as long as I want, and nobody will ask me what I am doing.

No-one is standing outside the door bleeding to death, fighting with a family member, suffering from a sudden disease, or starving.

The dog DOES NOT drink out of my studio toilet.

I have never had to fish a matchbox car or other treasured belonging out of my toilet.

It smells fine.

By and large, I would say that those are pretty good reasons for going to work every day.


BlueBella said…
Sweets - I have something for you at my blog . . .!
Anonymous said…
I'm beginning to notice that my days of private toilet use are dwindling. How is it that a sleeping baby will wake up just when you really have to go???
Anonymous said…
Those are all excellent reasons to go to work.