Went to a pardy, it was good. Happy Birthday Brett! Whoo!

Kelli and Brett always have good parties. One year they had a "Pimp and Ho" party, and Sean and I switched roles. I was the pimp with moustache and dashing hat, and Sean was the belle of the ball as my Ho in black fishnet stockings, a pink g-string which he flashed at the fellers all night, a long wig, makeup and some mega boobs.

I am sad to say he did not make a very classy ho.

When we were leaving, he did a partial strip tease, and although that was many years ago, we are still remembered as "that couple at the pimp and ho party".

So. Last night was good, but we stayed much later than I had intended, which spoiled the fun for me and made today a grouchy day. What part of "I need to get home to bed early because I have a busy day tomorrow" don't you understand, Ho? What part of "We should make a move. BYE guys!" is so hard? My Ho is a Debaucherer.

The kids had stayed by Sharon, (thanks, honey!) and I had told them that I would not be late, and they could stay up and wait if they wanted. Sam and Issa giggled with Mikey till after eleven as a result, and will not function well this afternoon. We picked them up at a ridiculous hour, and this morning I made breakfast, tidied up and supervised homework, all with a monosyllabic vocabulary of grunts.

We are all going to the Rally Racing Club's Meet this afternoon - Noise! Mud! Fast Cars! Spin-Outs! Maybe even crashes!

I was going to paint faces for the kids there, but I won't. So there! Maybe after I have a nap (my Ho finally got up, and is going to cook lunch, look after the 4 boys, and make sure the house stays nice and tidy) I will feel more accommodating.


Unknown said…
If I were you I would bitch slap that Ho. ;)