bikini babes strike again

We are leaving home at 3.30 tomorrow morning, to line up and drive in to the ferry with our truck FULL of FOOD and other provisions and boys, meeting some friends who are also coming with their car FULL of FOOD and provisions and boys, and GOING TO TOBAGO!!!

Sean has been flying, which means that yours truly spent the entire day driving around in the truck, doing everything that couldn't be done over the long weekend. Which was everything.

Sean is now feverishly working on the rally car which is supposed to be in a race this weekend. And they just can't do it without Sean! But they're gonna have to, because at 3.30 tomorrow morning, I am going to go to Chaguanas and drag my husband, kicking and screaming, into said truck and tie him up and take him to Tobago. Where I will put on my sexy bikini and kayak out to a secluded beach and wait for him.

If he doesn't turn up because he's on the phone with the rally team, that's okay. Kelli and I will play scrabble. And eat chocolate. Because there is a possibility that Kelli's husband will also be on a conference call pretty much the whole weekend.

Why, do you ask, have we invited them along at all? Because it will DO THEM GOOD! And they will HAVE FUN!!!

We have spoken.

Who me? Harassed? Haven't eaten? Certain I've forgotten something? Exhausted from hauling heavy bags etc? Not at all, not at all. I am fine. Just fine.

I am going to Tobago.


Anonymous said…
have fun!!! I remember what sun and beaches are like :)

We have had more snow in the last 2 days than we had all winter... and we are supposedly in spring.

Where you guys staying?