the good, the bad and the froggie

Thank you for all of your great anniversary wishes, bloggies! (like buddies!) It's a new week, and I am not ready. I am at work, not working. What is the point in that?

Saturday got me down, Sean was an ass and I am depressed about it. I was so angry that he would behave like that on our anniversary, a day when we had my Mum and Dad babysitting and could have had a great day together. I will get over it, with the help of a few dozen cups of tea. (Sharon! Stat!) And he had better get a grip. Hello, babe, I mean you.

Feel free to "Pong" my husband publicly.


Everyone's advice and suppourt about Sam has been great, I really appreciate it! Tomorrow I will meet with the powers that be, at school, and I feel better prepared.

In other news, Kermit the Crapaud is back! With great joy I noticed him yesterday, and he looked at me and said "Allyuh still here?" and swam back down to his U-Bend.

In other, other news, certain pilots who were meant to bring back our new internet router from Texas either didn't have time, or didn't have a car, or whatever. So we are still waiting... And waiting... And waiting... It's okay, I can blog forever on a blackberry, but I will be overjoyed when I have that router! (Waiting...! Hear that, Capt. Piglet? Who's going to sim next? Wouldn't pictures on this blog be cool? I know you want 'em!)

Tune in tomorrow for further news and reviews!


GirlBlue said…
Oh hun sorry you didn't have a great day on Saturday...Sean don't let me come there and slap you humph. I'm sure he will see the error of his ways and make it up to you for the rest of the year...hear that Sean...The Year

Glad you got advice on the Sam issue, sorry I had none to give

*smiles weakly at Kermit the Crapaud news*
Anonymous said…
I think it was the moon Nan.. my hubby was all Groucho Marx on me as well on Saturday.
Sorry you didn't have a great anniversary.
We were all grumpy this weekend too...?