sharks and Armageddon.

I have been standing watchfully observing little surfers in the sea, with my hands sticky with sunblock. Wanting to go and wash my hands WITH SOAP, because if I wash them in the sea all that happens is SAND sticking to the sticky sunblock. (I don't care what anyone says, "non-sticky" sunblock is useless. The stuff that goes on white and pasty is the good stuff.)

But cannot take eyes off of little surfers. Especially Alex, aged nearly three, who Laughs in the Face of Danger! His idea of a great time is standing on a boogey board and waiting for a wave to lick him down, tumbling him over and over, coming up with his hair caked with sand and his shorts missing.

So I stand stickily and watch. Fingers spread out.

Suddenly, everyone leaves the water. Fast. Shark!


Chas has been trying to convince them to go back in: "Oh, puh-leeze! That was a BABY! Probably just a sand shark!"

"Well, YOU go back in, nuh. We'll watch."

Chas doesn't want to be ALONE in the water with a potential man-eating beast that hides in the murk, so they are building a mega-city complex in the sand JUST above the waves' reach. The tide will come up soon and Armageddon will ensue.

In the meantime, I am sitting in the shade emailing and Kelli is reading a magazine in the sun. At the end of the day, Kelli will be bronzed and sexy, but not me! I will remain pale and interesting. Sharon has arrived with her paints, but Debs is stuck in the kitchen with the lasagne.

This morning we served pancakes, baked beans, scrambled eggs, bacon and mushrooms. The kids ate like they had never seen food before, coming back for seconds, thirds, fourths, FIFTHS! Lunch will be a similar affair, as nothing makes boys hungry like being on the beach. Here, we have to serve three huge solid meals per day with many snacks in between. Two bunches of bananas disappeared yesterday, like magic. Whoosh!

Aha! The intrepid surfers are trickling back down to the sea, like a stream that MUST go downhill.

It is such a beautiful day, hot hot sun and blue sky, and none of the inclement weather or waves that were advertised last night. The boys, when not surfing, do handstands, build cities, and play football. Unusual shells and "donkey eyes" have been found and hoarded. Sand dollars, too fragile to be held, have been picked up and sadly dropped in pieces. The neighbourhood dogs have moved in, and they know the ropes. Dinner will be yummy, just be patient.

UPDATE: Debs just made 26 points with "UGH". I am winning with "GLAZIERS". Sharon WAS winning but HAHA! The waves are getting bigger and more organized. My brother was last seen camping out on the floor of the airport, trying to get to Mount Irvine Bay, Tobago, where the real waves are. Him and hundreds of other surfers! See pictures at .


BlueBella said…
Oh Nan it all sounds so wonderful . . .I so wish I was there with you, too! I would bring the 11th boy and the 3rd girl to join the mix and happily stand watch over little surfers and catch a tan. Laughing with you girls would be the best treat :)