Stranded in Paradise

We are stuck in Tobago. The Port is a mess, so we have found a two-bedroom apartment in "Belle Viste", next to the airport. They have a pool! Also, a kitchenette. From time to time, someone phones one of us and says "Oh! No! You are stranded! What are you going to DO? I know! Go to the port at 3.30 tomorrow morning, and beg for a space on the ferry!" so we say "Okay!" and then "Not". We don't want to leave THAT bad!

Alas, life is so hard. Can you hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth? The kids are sleeping on a futon and on Kelli and Brett's inflatable mattress. For dinner Kelli and I concocted an emergency meal of fish fingers and potato wedges and cole slaw. We are geniuses. We are such amazing planners. Our skills have been honed by so many Mayaro menus, that we just have to pat ourselves on our backs and have a congratulatory glass of wine to celebrate our genius travel-cooking capabilities. In all the time we stayed at Blue Waters, we only ate at the restaurant once: The day we arrived, as our room wasn't ready yet. The rest of the time, we had planned assorted delicious, gourmet menus mostly cooked in an electric skillet I had brought along. That skillet is THE BEST! Debs, tell Aunty Cheryl, The Skillet is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything!

The sunset this evening was so amazingly spectacular. As if to rub in the point that "yes, life must go on. You have things to do. Money doesn't make itself, etc. But today, you are stuck in Tobago and there is nothing you can do about it. Real People of Zee Worl, RELAX."

The guys have been great. Kelli and I were both worried that our Responsible Workers would be stressed out about not getting back in time, spending more money, and so on, but they are convinced that being stranded in paradise with a couple of bikini babes is NOT BAD AT ALL! This has taken us all back to our younger carefree days, especially Kelli and Brett who met and courted here. They have been canoodling! It is just so cute to see Kelli and Brett all romantic and stuff! And us too! I have just really enjoyed spending so much great time with my handsome guy. We have had so many good laughs, it's been a great grown-up getaway, and the kids had a ball. They are all good travellers, and will sleep anywhere. Great kids!

Every time a plane lands, the place shakes. Soon planes will stop landing though. I mean, it's nearly nine o'clock! This is Tobago!

Ben and Max are snuggled up together, asleep. Ben is very, very tall for his age. And TOUGH. He is also wonderfully sweet natured and gentle. Max is scrawny and small. He is a maniac, and liable to pick on people bigger than himself. Max truly needs a buddy like Ben, to keep him out of trouble and help him out when he gets into it. He is protective of Ben, which is really funny because I can't see any kid messing with Ben. But then, I don't think anyone would mess with Max either. he has this aura of "Duuude, PLEASE mess with me."

Tomorrow, who knows what we will end up doing? Maybe, Sean and Brett will hop on a plane and leave Kelli and I to bring the cars over on the ferry. That is probably the sensible thing to do, as they have to get to work and we don't. We shall see what happens at the port tomorrow afternoon. In the meantime, there's the pool, and books to read. Being stranded in paradise with the ones I love is not so bad, at all, at all.


GirlBlue said…
Oh man stranded in Tobago thats sooooo terrible, I feel for you I really do.

Belle Viste is nice place to be stranded if you must be stranded, there's a little supermarket in Sandy Point next door.
Anonymous said…
Boo Hoo! I feel so bad that you are stranded in Paradise!
Your love of life shines through and is such a delight to read.
Nan Sheppard said…
Thanks GirlBlue! We found the supermarket and got eggs and jam for breakfast, we actually have friends staying over there too so it looks like we have plenty of company! Other friends who went back on the boat yesterday said that security was searching cars? WTF? Meanwhile, all is well in BelleViste!
Anonymous said…
life's a beach!
:) hurry up and come to london! u r getting too much sun! bad for your skin! and u're turning into an alcoholic! stop having so much fun! hee hee :) juusstttt kiiddingg! i ssssooooo wish i was there! can't wait for summer! i am desperate to goo ddi and lime with my boyos. and verrrryy desperate for a tan. brace urself for when u come up here....i am nearly see through!
lots of love!