Haiku Commenter Wins Big!

"But, is it CULTURAL?"

Sam Eagle, "The Muppet Show".

I am so impressed with the quality of my Commenters. Who'da thunk that you guys could have taken my innocent Blog Post about "Making Nice Bubbles in the Summer Sunshine" and turned it into such an interesting comment-fest about Farting? Complete with "Farting In The Bubble Bath" Haiku!

Witchypoo, I am so happy that my post reminded you of your colonic irrigation.

You all make my day, you really do. My commenters rock! I think I am going to give "eye in de sky" a special prize as Best Commenter Of The Month. Plus, he is Sexay.

I can't tell you what the prize is. This isn't that kind of blog, ya know!


Unknown said…
If I had known there was gonna be a contest, I woulda done better.
Nan Sheppard said…
You never know when a great new contest will crop up around here!
Anonymous said…
Fart bubbles are a beautiful thing.
Secret is the prize
but rewards will have to wait
make the bleeding stop