Raindrops on Roses and Everything about Kittens!

Okay, seeing as everyone else is doing it, I will tell you A Few Of My Favorite Things:

* Working for myself, in my own studio, where my recuperating son can sprawl on the floor with his colouring book and a packet of juice.

* I love my work, even though no-one wants to buy art around here these days. Christmas is coming, and sales will be good then.

* My family. My extended family. My in-law family. My family's friends, and my friends' family. My husband's second cousin's ex-wife's family (hi guys!).

* Sunshine. Breezy blue-sky days.

* Whiskers on kittens. Truly!

* The sea. Pisces through and through, that's me!

* Hiking in the bush. Getting muddy and sweaty and smelling like a goat. My Land's End shoes, ooh they are wonderful.

* Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. "Homemade" Cookies in 20 minutes!!

* Music. My musical family.

* I love reading to my boys. Revisiting all of my childhood favorites through them.

* My Levis Superlow Wide Leg Jeans.

* Flip-flops. Also known as "Go-Forwards".

* Travelling. I travelled so much before I got married. One day I will do it again, but I am okay with being settled while the boys are little.

* Good Books. Most recent: Isabel Allende's "Ines Of My Soul" was sooo good, I might just read it all over again. True story of an amazing woman's life. Her "Eva Luna" was really good too. I really enjoyed "The Historian" by Elizabeth Kostova (was that the name?) A Dan-Brown-Ish scary adventure with Vampires. Good fun, and not VERY scary. (I am a wuss.) (No Steven King for me!) We inherited a heap of Terry Pratchett books recently, which have some pearls in them to make you giggle and think. I am re-reading "The Once And Future King", by T H White, to the boys. Excellent book.

* My new kitchen cupboards. Love love love!

* My Crockpot. Old and rusty and the handles and knob have fallen off, but damn it's good.

* My Car, Lola Corolla. Where we eat Granola.

* Friends popping in. Especially if they bring good books. Hint, hint!

* My Bloggy Buddies.

* Weekends. Holidays.

And what makes YOUR heart sing?


Anonymous said…
This post made my heart sing. I love grateful posts and your list makes me smile.
Julie Q. said…
Friends with books are the best kind. Now I need to go find the Isabel Allende one you recommend. Thanks.
Nan Shepherd,
This morning you are one of my favorite things - GREAT post.
I'm going to look for the Allende book because I usually like her. Have you ever read "Paula" the one about her daughter? It will break your heart but I think it has some of her best writing in it.
I nearly called Hayley Luna Rosa because she was born 10 days late and she came with the full moon...
but you know Trinidad...next thing the child would be Loony Millar.
Unknown said…
A sweet post - shows more of who you are. I like that. Do you ever display your art in your blog? I suppose I should dig through your archives. But that might inspire some 'International' sales, yes?

Speaking of books, have you read "The Zookeeper's Wife" by Diane Ackerman? A great story about a terrible time. And an heroic woman.
Nan Sheppard said…
Lou, I haven't read that one, but we do have "Goodnight Gorilla" where all of the Zoo animals (giraffe and all!) end up creeping into bed with the Zookeeper and his Wife! Then the wife gets up and puts them all back to bed again. Very cute! Not the same book though, huh? I will look for it! And thank you all for the book suggestions!
Ndinombethe said…
That's the second time in two days I've heard about "The Zookeeper's Wife" - gonna have to look for it.

Great post Nan.

Sharon, my boy was 4 days late and came with the full moon too but never thought of Luna - think you're right about Loony... children can be so kind!
Anonymous said…
I am grateful for your blog prescence. It's uplifting.
Theresa said…
Your posts always make me smile :)