Was It The Wine?

We had a really great weekend, and many thanks to all of those who came bearing food and wine!

The craft sale went well on Saturday, which will make the bank temporarily happy. I did buy a few coffee mugs from Adam, because WHO can resist a few hand-thrown stoneware groovily glazed coffe mugs? Some lucky people will probably get them for Christmas. I haven't decided who yet. So everybody be real nice to me.

I have a confession of amazing daftness. I lost my Blackberry. I looked everywhere. I called it up. I finally decided that I must have left it in the grocery, and called there. No, they hadn't seen a cellphone. This made me very sad, because I thought that it might be gone forever and may even have been STOLEN. My Blackberry! With MY WHOLE LIFE on it! Pictures! Phone numbers! Internet bookmarks! Email addresses!

I called the phone company and reported it lost, and gave it up to the universe.

And then Sean found it. Was it hidden under the bed, Dear Reader? Was it cunningly slipped under the snacks in the kitchen? In the freezer, perhaps? No, Sean would like to report that it was NEXT TO MY HANDBAG!!!!! He is filled with glee, because usually he is the one losing things and freaking out *coolercoughcoughwalletcarkeyscough* and now he gets to be the one who finds things. I am REALLY REALLY glad to have my phone back. I am taking this as a sign: This Blackberry is two years old now, and has recently been switching itself off at random, freezing up, and so on. The trackball doesn't scroll "up" at all any more, and has serious issues with "down". It's time to retire the Blackberry, and since I now have ze Sexy New Dell, I guess I can just go back to the days of yore and yea, downsize my phone technology. I will spend my next available moments of spare time getting all the info off the phone and WRITING IT DOWN. With lo, a pencil.

Which means no more blackberry email address. It'll be gmail all the way, unless someone has a better suggestion? I really like gmail. I'll go in and get the phone reconnected, and transfer my sim card to another phone. Basic Cheap Nokia, most likely. They ARE the best phones. I tell ya. You can drive over a Nokia with a truck and it will still work. You can drop it in a river. You can let your kids play all the dumb games it comes with. I know of what I speak.

Having said that, I would like to have a moment of appreciation for my Blackberry: When Sean gave it to me two years ago, we had no computer at home. Even when we did get a computer it was months and months before we got internet. My Blackberry was my bestest toy ever. It kept me in touch with loved ones far away, and it was my very first window into blogging. I read my first blogs on the Blackberry, and then started emailing my news to my family and friends. Those emails turned into a blog, set up entirely on the Blackberry. There is no way this blog would be here at all, if not for my little friend. So Happy Retirement, Blackberry! You were wonderful, thank you very much.


Candygirlflies said…
Love gmail. LOVE.

We can Instant Message!


Can't wait.

xoxo CGF

ps. condolences on the blackberry, btw...
Ndinombethe said…
haha I laughed my ass off when you text me that Sean found it - not even in the pocket of your handbag as Debs had suggested - NEXT TO it.. haha!

So pleased it wasn't stolen. Kind of saddens you to think of people being so dishonest. We had a good go at the hypothetical thief though didn't we - horrid person that he/she was, stealing a blackberry with a wonky roller ball! :)

Thanks for a great day!!
Anonymous said…
Maybe it was blackberry wine?
I'm sure you can pick up a basic package for the new cell that included the cost of the phone.
If you install an air card in the laptop, you can have internet anywhere.
Unknown said…
Oh yes - air card in the laptop. USB. And it just works!! Apparently the eye in hte sky works around the house, too. Good man, Sean.
Nan Sheppard said…
Okay, gotta set up gmail instant messenger! I like the way gmail is SO EASY to use.

I can get a basic phone that can plug in to the laptop and get internet that way. Is that what you're talking about?
Unknown said…
Holy crap...I can't believe you started a blog on a freakin' Blackberry.

And, yeah, I would totally lose my phone in or next to my purse. :)
Theresa said…
My Nokia has survived being dropped, drooled on, gummed on, been lost, been found... Nokia rocks. Fare thee well BB.
Anonymous said…
Thank goodness you found your BB and Thank goodness you had a good craft sale. I too am a sucker for the beautiful hand thrown mug.