We're In Full Swing Here

How those boys worked, yesterday. Clearing up heaps of branches, stashing boxes of junk under the house, chasing chickens, dragging the enormous and very heavy enameled cast-iron sink out and trying to figure out what to do with it (Kelly and Carl, you're short-listed but Mum is casting her eye acquisitively), repairing bikes, scooters and ripsticks, moving a bathtub fishpond which was slightly crooked (just crooked enough to drive me mad!), raking, cutlassing and eating constantly. Mikey was here too and as usual he pitched in happily. That boy will do anything for a home made cookie!

It was a gorgeous day: deep blue sky, bright sun, cool breeze. Even the dog was smiling and humming happily in a Lab way.

The boys posted two items on their blog , Chas with some great pictures of a jacamar in the garden and Sam of a poem which I found written on the back of a schoolbook. They played computer games and Lego, had a rock band playing "Jesse's Girl" and "Hotel California", and toasted vienna saussages out in their camp in the "forest".

I painted the damn cupboards with new fancy mildew-resistant toxic paint, and then moved on to the bathroom and environs. I love to paint: the smell, the slapping on of amazing bright un-dinginess. Painting walls is an inexpensive way to make your house sing. I am stiff from the step up/bend down/dip brush/ step up/ raise up arm/etc action. Not to mention the cupboard painting poses I had to use to get behind the plumbing in the kitchen cupboards.

And now, Issa is here for a visit. He came late, and hopped straight into bed. I will put him to work, too! More child labour!

But first: Pancakes, mushrooms, eggs, tomatoes, and whatever else will fit on our plates. We're going to need plenty of energy!


witchypoo said…
A work party that starts with loads of food is the bestest kind.
I love your boys' blog.
Anonymous said…
I once painted 5 rooms in 3 days. I am so over painting.
Ndinombethe said…
I wish I could do all that you're doing. I need to clean, throw out, paint.. ahh!

And thanks for making me cry, damn you. Knew Issa's story but just read your entry about it. You've got the heart of an angel!