"It was the best of oatmeal, it was the worst of oatmeal..."

-Bert, Sesame Street.

This has been a week .... no, two weeks.... of sudden unexpected sunshiny highs and vexatious and fully expected lows. Many of which I will not talk about yet because they are TOO vexatious or I don't want to jinx the sunshiny deals. Meanwhile I am wandering around in a state of perpetual tiredness and longing for the weekend. Chas is going to spend the night by a buddy on Friday so I don't have to drop him to school on Saturday. I am going to sleep in a little! I will hang a sign on myself that says "Do Not Wake Till 7.00."

Anyway, I missed you guys, so I am going to check you all out as soon as I can. Hope all is well!


Anonymous said…
I love the word vexatious.

Hope you get your sleep in. I have been asking Santa for one for 10 years!
H Nan,
I was up by you yesterday. Sorry I missed you! I saw your chickens; very cool. :)
I put up some pics on the blog and will do another post today.
Enjoy yoga today, it will calm all vexatiousnes, although it's sometimes a very productive state. I get a lot done when I get vexed. Hope you are getting through all that you hve too and don;t take on the homework, SEA drama. It is over in a flash and this is the absolute worst term.
Ndinombethe said…
Islands Sat afternoon? I'm coming up early on Sunday though cause Paul has a family thing we have to go to.
Anonymous said…
Good luck! Hope things calm down soon...
Islandgirl said…
I shall come and rescue you with tea...or even WINE tomorrow afternoon!! WOO HOO it will be FRRRREE-DAY!!
Theresa said…
BUt but but.... you have Soca!!
Candygirlflies said…
I've been "emotionally absent" on my blog this week, too.

It's just THAT sort of week, you know? I KNOW.

We'll all get caught up one of these days. In the meantime, relax. Enjoy that oatmeal.

xoxo CGF