Awesome Birthday Update

Ms. Awesome and I share a birthday week, and hers sucked. You can read about her lack of birthday awesomeness and commiserate with her if you have a moment.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, us grownups went out and drank a whole lotta wine on Friday night and cackled happily and ate cheese. Thank you my friends, I love you so much! And then on Saturday the boys and I had one of those very very busy FUN days where you begin at dawn baking cookies and drive all over the place doing jolly things and supervising water balloon games and hearing noisy children having FUN and then everyone gets overexcited and overtired ESPECIALLY MOTHER WHO WAS OUT DRINKING THE NIGHT BEFORE.

But it WAS fun. And we went home sensibly early and slept like innocents and were all happy on Sunday morning, which was my actual birthday DAY. I did laundry and stuff but let's not mention that, okay? Sharon came over and we did NOT open a bottle of wine as we were still recovering. In the evening my sister arrived! She is here (with future sister-in-law who seems very nice) to plan her wedding and *I* am chief person in charge of decorating, so we have been having lengthy discussions about pale yellow and burgundy, and would bee orchids do, and have we remembered to invite Aunt Whatshername, and we must get a trial facial this week, and so on.

It's great fun, and very girly. Makes me want to clean my toenails, almost.


witchypoo said…
I made a mental note to send you a special birthday email, and I misfiled it. I'm so sorry. Happy Belated Birthday, Nan. I know you make every day special.
Anonymous said…
sounds like an awesome birthday to me!

Mine was filed under 'lets forget about it this year' *shudder*