Brad Pitt: Honeeeee, where's my....?

When "Troy" was released in the cinema Debs and I made a date and went to see it. Brad Pitt in a skirt! Whoooo!

It was good, and all was well until the scene where, JUST before his big fight, the dawn breaks and he is starting to get dressed. Putting on his armour. "Dudummmm" the music plays as he tightens his leg thingies. "Daaaaa!" as he straps on his secret knife. The camera angle shifts, and there's his hot babe lying asleep in a sexy shaft of sunlight. Asleep!

"Hmph. D'you think, if that was one of our fellahs, he would let us sleep like that?" We wondered.
"Nah, it would be 'Honeeeeee, have you seen my breastplate? The bronze one?' "

" 'I KNOW I put my scabbard right here. Someone has moved it! Where is my other helmet?' "

" 'Could you just polish these knives for me? I'm running late. Honeeee? Oh, were you asleep?' " We giggled, and a few women in the seats nearby laughed too.

"That armour sure clanks. How long do you think we could pretend to be asleep before they really made us get up? Oh, 'Honeeee, does my ass look big in this skirt?' Nah, I could sleep through that."

"How about 'Honeeeee, could you rub this olive oil into my muscles so that my armour doesn't chafe?' Now that would get me up."

And then some ladies in front turned round and said "shhhhhh!!!" so we shhhh'd.

Alas, life does not imitate art. I bet Brad Pitt doesn't let Angelina sleep in.


Unknown said…
I'll bet he doesn't. I know I wouldn't. But then - I have a reputation to uphold.

(I can dream, can't I?)
Anonymous said…
Hahahaha! That's AWESOME. I would, however, get out of bed to help Brad Pitt. Mr. D? Can find his own damn battle gear!
Anonymous said…
Sleep in? What the hell is that?
Islandgirl said…
Had to laugh at darn true. The other side to this is the morning you actually CAN sleep in is the one morning the phone will ring 3 times before 6.30 am - like my morning this morning. There I was no kids at home, man sound asleep and no need to get out of bed till 7am and the blinking phone which never normally rings when I am up early and rushing around starts going at 6. ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH Needless to say I never got back to sleep..and alas there was no Brad Pitt wanting me to adjust his cod piece for him either.