Hairdos For Adventurous Boys, And Other Images Of Note

The baby hummingbirds have finally flown, to much applause. The feathers are edged with gold, and you lose that in the picture, unfortunately.

Today the boys and I are going to the museum to look at Amerindian artifacts, among other things. I might be getting a new phone too, fingers crossed. One that will actually work down here in the Bush. Please God let there be a Nokia!

I hope to go to Yoga class while the boys are at Taekwondo, and we might hang out with buddies later. Max especially misses his friends. I have a list of things to do as long as my arm, but if I don't get it all done today I suppose I can always go BACK to town another day?


Unknown said…
Oh my, but father and son do look alike, don't they? And the bird pictures evoke memories of a warmer and slower time ...

Thank you.
i am the diva said…
aww, poor little head.... hope he's on the road to recovery!
we call that the Tick Season hair cut around here ;)
It's amazing how many little boys have showed up at preschool these past few weeks with buzz cuts !
Anonymous said…
Those are fantastic pics!
That's the perfect start of summer haircut. We get them here, too. (Well, not ME)
BlueBella said…
Love it! I have been fantisizing a cut like that for Sea Monkey . . .only leaving a faux hawk on top! So far my Mom objects. . . wait til she leaves for a couple of days!
Nan Sheppard said…
His head is much better thanks y'all! He just has to be careful putting a t-shirt on, sometimes he forgets and then oooowwww!

Greengirl, I am the opposite with the start of Summer, usually. We grow 'em long so that ear tops and eyebrows and necks don't get sunburned. that way it's easy for me to smear sunblock on noses! But Chas never burns anyway. He goes as brown as a nut! (Well he IS a nut, isn't he?)

Bluebella, We ALMOST did a mohawk, but the shaved bit was high up and in the middle so it would have been "Too Weird". (Weirder than a regular Mohawk? Why Yes.)
As you may have noticed, our children got all their Mother's good looks, luckily I still have all of mine.
Heh heh
Sky Eye
Theresa said…
Love the pic of Chas and Sean!!!