Things We've Found In Pockets, Oh Dear...

A LOT of Toco sand. In the dryer. Poor dryer.

One Dead IPod Shuffle. Oh dear.

Granola Wrapper.


Beach Glass in Blue and Green.

And things I found in my inbox: Some seriously excellent chicken-catching ideas, which may or may not work but will be given due attention. So far, we've caught NINE of them using the "sneaking-up-under-cover-of-darkness-and-grabbing them-by-the-leg" technique and the "noose-around-the-neck" technique. Saturday night, Chris caught one using an original dive-tackle technique, and I can't remember when I've laughed so hard. A newly-caught chicken makes such a racket of strangled cretaceous yells that it's easy to believe, when hunting them in the backyard jungle of the night, that they are closely related to velociraptors. Which they are, you know.

Many thanks to our young chicken-catching assistants; Mikey, Jesse, Chas, Sam and Max. Who thundered through the garden weilding their torches like strobe-lit hunters, yelling "QUIET!" "HE'S OVER HERE!" "NO HE'S NOT!" And to Sean and Chris, who yelled "STOP SHINING THAT TORCH IN MY EYE!" and sweated buckets in an effort to de-chicken the yard. Keep up the good work!

Only 78 chickens (approx.) left to go! If we could get Samba the dog into the chicken-catching action in a USEFUL way, she would be a boon. At the moment, her retriever instincts kick in after the catch has succeeded and she tries to overexcitedly retrieve the chicken from our grasp. She is enjoying herself tremendously, rushing around at night helpfully getting in the way and regretting it the next day. She looks at me as if to grumble "I'm too old for this."

The other interesting thing in my inbox was a link to BC Pires Blog! I didn't even know he had one. I bet you didn't either, or you would have told me, surely. Thanks, Diana!

So what about you, internetties? What have you found in pockets? And is there anything good in your inbox?


nikki said…
I have some lint in my pocket. And some spare change.
witchypoo said…
I'm disappointed that the egg impersonation method wasn't a contender.
Anonymous said…
Gee I got Toco sand too. The girls, hub and I went hiking there on sunday.
I love Toco sand. It's gravelly with textures not powdery like Mayaro's or Maracas. (And it's easier to get out of contacts).
Blue, white, green and amber sea glass.
Red and honey brown stones that glow like there's a heaven of stars in them.
Black smooth stones that emit a wondrous shine when wet.
A diverse assortment of sea shells that any little hermit crab would be envious of.
A wee little shy orange flower.

vicki's pocket
Unknown said…
Let's see ... in my pockets ... pay stub from last Friday ... fifty bucks folding ... $2.75 in little pieces ... two crumbled up gas receipts ... lint (better in my pocket than in my belly button) ... ball marker (golf) ... and two tees. I left my balls (golf) in the car.
Islandgirl said…
Oh crikey! I forgot I had several large pretty Toco rocks in my art bag from Sunday..thanks for the reminder Vicki..or I would have been wondering why the rat my bag was so heavy on my next paint out!!
Nan Sheppard said…
Witchypoo, I couldn't convince the kids to impersonate an egg. I tried!

I love the way Toco sand brushes off so easily. Useless for sand castle building, of course!

Lou wins today, as he has MONEY in his pocket!
Wacky Mommy said…
Nothing in pockets today! What???

Mmmm... chicken... mmmm...