Internet! At Laaaaast!

We haven't had a dull moment here...

We had Max's birthday party on Sunday, and Ailis and her fiancée stayed for a couple of nights, and my sister-in-law Sheena (or "Beans" to those in the know) arrived from London laden with presents the day Ailis and Dan left... so we've had a really busy week! And today internet was connected. Hooray!

This is our kitchen. Yay! I love my kitchen! Much cooking is happening!

This is the birthday party view out of the kitchen window. "Trampoline Badminton", the game that's sweeping the nation!

Another kitchen view, cuz I know y'all just can't get enough.

And that's all you get for now, I'm afraid! The boys will be home soon (Sam and Max's school is across the road, I can see into the playground from the Western side of the house; Chas rides his bike to and fro. It's a bit different from our previous commute, eh?) ... and we have to go to the doctor's to register ourselves and THEN we have another appointment. The piles of paperwork have been frightening! And as soon as I see the end in sight I do something silly like apply for a phone, and another pile of mail comes through the door. I see the end in sight AGAIN now, so the next few weeks should be slightly less hectic? Sean is coming this weekend for a couple of weeks, so we will try to do fun things together while the weather holds out. (The weather's been really nice. I keep commenting on it, "Lovely weather we're having" which makes Ailis giggle "Look how English you're becoming!")

I am looking forward to tonight: after storytime, (We've just finished Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third's seventh adventure, "How To Ride A Dragon's Storm", and recommend the whole series highly!) (We can go to the bookstore here and get ANYTHING!) (Sometimes we just go to the bookstore and lie on the floor and read stuff!) (Am reading Richard Dawkins' "The Blind Watchmaker" and it's great) What was I saying? Yes: Tonight, I will catch up on everyone's bloggy news. See you then!

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. - Mahatma Gandhi


Unknown said…
Lovely place you have there. Lovely, also, to find you out here again. I've missed you. Happy Belated Birthday to Max. And Hi to Sean.

Oh. And when things settle down, find everything you can written by Jasper FForde. He's amazing.

I can heartily recommend "The Big Over Easy", about the murder of the nefarious Humpty Dumpty - and also "The Fourth Bear", which involves Goldilocks, The Three Bears - and another one.

But I'm sure your reading list is long and getting longer.

And you sound happy. Well Done.
sounds like you are busy getting assimilated and buried in paperwork!

Glad you're back - I was wondering where you were!
i am the diva said…
nice to have you back!!
keep watching the mail if you haven't received it already, you should soon!
I so relate to the PAPERWORK and TIME to get anything done in moving to another country. It's even more complicated when you don't quite speak the language yet. My theory is that it just makes the completion all the sweeter. Persistence wins out. Good for you, Dear One. Blessings on you and the boys. Love reading your adventures.
Anonymous said…
Well, a bookstore, a grand kitchen, happy children, good weather--sounds like you're getting your just desserts, Nan! said…
Well, how wonderful everything looks! Very home-y and lived in! (That's a good thing!)
It won't be too long until you can't remember what it was like to feel displaced and uprooted!
Nan Sheppard said…
Thank you all! It's been a lot of hard work, but we are happy and I can safely say that our lives, the important happy bits, are the same. And that's good.
Aunt Becky said…
I always love looking at the pictures of you guys doing things. Looks like you have a lovely, full life.
Ndinombethe said…
Selfishly - I miss you :(

Selflessly - I am so relieved to hear it's all falling into place.

Tight hugs xo
Islandgirl said…
Wow!! What a fabulous kitchen...AND CHICKENS!! Or Tarantulas..or snakes for that matter! hehe. So happy for you so totally deserve all the wonderful ways the universe is bending in your favour! Looking forward to catching up on skype tomorrow...conked out at 8pm on Friday and slept thru till 4am and then had a whole day at the docs today. Did my ultrasound..and guess what??? I'm having a BURFORD! hahaha.
love you lots and talk to you tomorrow.
Kelly said…
we love you!!!
Anonymous said…
Looks great! Abel loves those books too...sigh...can't imagine life near bookstores selling actual kids' books in English. Have fun!
Wacky Mommy said…
Ahhhhh, you wrote this post just for me, didn't you?