I'm sitting on Beans and Andrew's couch, watching the boys rock out on Guitar Hero. We're between events:

Visiting family- A+!

The Natural History Museum- Always excellent. It's the half term holiday, so the line was looooong, but the new Darwin Centre was amazing. We all got cards which we could 'scan' in the different areas we were really interested in, and later when we go online we can go more in-depth into those areas. Interactive! Behind-the-scenes! We loved it. Had a good chat with one of the assistants there, and she said that it seems to appeal most to older kids who are already into natural science. I can understand that. Most little ones probably won't be so keen on looking at racks of bugs and decoding DNA, but I did see many very small kids (including my tiny cousins) who looked like they were having a good time. Lots of buttons to press, and visually appealing. Good explanations of the classification system. We will go back as soon as we can, and do it all again. You really need more than one day to really take in the whole Natural History Museum, and we've been several times and still need to go back. It's free of charge, though the Museum Shop is full of great buys so do take some money and stock up on gifts and stationery. There are several restaurants, a little expensive but good. We tend to take a picnic and hang out on the grass outside while we stuff our faces and recoup.

Picnics- We have these down to a fine art. If you're spending any time in London with kids, they will need regular feeding, and with the average cheese sandwich clocking in at a meelion pounds, a picnic is essential. We make sandwiches, and pack a bag with crisps, nuts, cookies, juice packs, chocolate and fruit. We buy coffee, tea or ice cream because you KNOW it isn't an outing if we don't buy something, and ice cream is a great bribe. And coffee warms your fingers.

Fantastic Mr. Fox- We loved it! Someone left the cinema in a huff halfway through the movie, and we did see some cross faces afterwards, which I can understand. The movie was very different from the book, story-line wise, but I thought the main characters were correct. Except for Mrs. Fox who I found much improved. Mr. and Mrs. Fox have one son, and a cousin who comes to stay. They all do a groovy dance together from time to time. Boggis and Bunce and Bean are HORRIBLE! We all loved it, adults and kids. We saw it in Brixton, and got a 'family deal' which I thought was very nice of the cashier... there were nine of us!

I bought a great pair of boots at Clarks. Yay!!! And, they were on sale. Double Yay!

Margo's Birthday Party And Christmas Day Practice Run was a total success. Margo had a great time, despite her complaints last week that we were making a fuss out of nothing, why would anyone want to celebrate a ninety-third birthday party? (We told her it was just an excuse to have a family party, so suck it up) She beamed all day, and we all ate very well with 27 different puddings. It was an eat fest.

Still to come: Cousins to visit on the other side of the family, a wedding, and the kids really want to go to Hamley's, the bestest toy store ever. It's great to have comfy places to stay and good big breakfasts, and extra nice to have lots of time and no pressure. You need the occasional 'off' day when visiting a big city, or it can be overwhelming and exhausting.

We'll be home next week, so I'll be back online properly then. Hope everyone's okay, internetties! See you soon!


Unknown said…
I love London. If I had to live in another city, away from Chicago, London would be my choice - followed closely by San Francisco. And always - there would be the winter getaway place 'down de islands', in the first boca. If I could afford it.
Unknown said…
Nan! Loving your blog. I miss London. Too bad we are not still there. The kids would have loved that rest stop. Happy half term Dan
Islandgirl said…

My word we are getting English!! hee hee

she'll be saying Pop next.

Glad you're having a blast Nanoo..miss seeing you online but I've been busy too. Sending you all love and hugs. Talk soon
Anonymous said…
So many good thing! Ah, the museums...totally forgot the museums in London. And many are free at the end of the day, right? said…
Ooooh, it does, indeed, sound like you are all having a wonderful time! I LOVE the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Unfortunately, it is no longer free. Neither is the zoo! A sign of the times, no doubt.
I will not consider this post complete until I see a pic of your new boots! Please!?
Nan Sheppard said…
All free! Yay for free!
Nan Sheppard said…
Boot pics coming soon....
Anonymous said…
oh man, natural history museums!! Love! love! love!
Next stop the art museums?
Had a blast in Chicago last year.
That's the great thing about that wonderful world 'out there'. There's just ssssssssso much brain food! It's the one thing I go for when I leave Trinidad. Forget shopping. Give me museums and zoos any time. (Okay, I shopped in their gift stores!)


p.s. To the dudelets...ROCK ON!