No Sleeping Here Tonight...

Fireworks!! Gorgeous bursts of colour, loud bangs, and all seen perfectly out of the boys' bedroom window!


I should have known something like this would happen just as everyone settled into bed. Today the washing machine repair guy came to repair a washing machine that NOTHING WAS WRONG WITH. And I had a conversation with Sam that went:
"What?? You said to put something on."
"Something normal, Sam."
"Like WHAT?"
"Sam, a wetsuit is inappropriate. It's hard to wash."

We both walked away from that conversation baffled and rolling our eyes. Sam thinks his family is weird and his mother is completely unreasonable.

Guy Fawkes Night is on Thursday, so we can probably expect some more awesome shows at bedtime. The boys have the best view, over the school playground and towards some park or other. We're looking forward to a whole new experience this week! We will try to dress appropriately, and not be too weird.

Comments said…
Oops! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you will always be weird to you your kids! ;-)
Islandgirl said…
Oh goodie Guy Fawkes night..I miss the big limes at Pointe-a-Pierre Yacht Club for Guy Fawkes. Get the boys to build a bamboo cannon (assuming you can find something approximating to bamboo) and then you can pretend you have Divali! And Sam can wear the wetsuit just in case there are any fires and the fire brigade has to come rushing in to douse the flames! The boy is a proper boy scout...always be prepared. Who knows..maybe the washing machine was on the verge of flooding things out..he would have been ready!
Anonymous said…
Yeah, a wetsuit is a little odd...but then I think of the roommate in Notting Hill and that was in London, so why not?