Monday, Monday

"Laaa laaaa, laaaa la la la!"

Hello Monday!

I've got two boys home from school today because of teacher training. They are having a Star Wars Lego Battle, running full pelt between kitchen, bedroom, living/lego room. How come boys can make such cool sound effects? I remember, growing up, trying to make those "k-k-k-k-keeeew!" and "zwheeeeeoooooooh" noises and failing. I did want to be a boy, briefly, but realised it would never work, as I couldn't do sound effects.

I have a cough, AGAIN! Okay? I'm really fed up now. I suppose we will have to get all of the bugs, so that we can build up immunity, but ENOUGH ALREADY! I will be joining the gym this week, as part of my "Build-Up-Immunity-And-Fit-Back-Into-My-Jeans" campaign, but how can I work out if I am wheezing? I need to get a few days between colds. I haven't been sick like this in, I dunno, years.

Bah Humbug. English Colds.

Sean is heading out today, and I am happy/sad that he has a good job lined up/will be far away. The job market has been weird, with sudden changes and peculiar quirks... Stress!

In other exciting news, I gotta go clean my kitchen. Whooo! The drama! The fame! The fashion dos and don'ts! The celeb gossip! The.... well, the cups of tea and Star Wars Lego underfoot. Beats drama and fame, any day.


Ndinombethe said…
Awh, feel better soon my love! I've decided I'll just have to come visit you later this year seeing as the planets refused to align for us during our 2 day overlap when you were here this time :(

Great news about Sean... but also sad. i understand, but am thrilled he's snagged a job. Kiss up those boys from all of us.
Anonymous said…
My youngest can make the best sound effects, too. He has a gift.
Hopefully the sniffles end soon. This has been a super healthy winter for us...
Yay on the job!
Anonymous said…
Oh bother...hate being sick myself.
The reason I wanted to be a boy whilst growing up:
Boobs making running a self-conscious awkwardness, dresses getting snagged up in trees. Up to now I don't like wearing dresses or heels 'cause they hinder me from moving quickly. Barefoot and short pants...that's me at my happiest.

Here's a book I'm currently reading...think you and your folks would like - I know you're into parang and all -
The Cocoa Panyols of Trinidad. An oral record. by Sylvia Moodie-kublalsingh.
Essentially brilliant 'history-in-disguise' book that traces virtually every aspect of the cocoa panyols' life from tracks they used in the hills to words from their songs (spanish with english translations) and the way they should be sung. All attained over a period of 20 years (60s - 80s) from interviews with the panyols and their descendants. My husband discovered it in the P.O.S. library when I gave him the task of bringing home a book I couldn't put down.

Get well soon my love.
S said…
Crappy colds! It's the pits, especially when they never leave!
Get well soon, dear!
Nan Sheppard said…
Thanks guys...

Oh, Vicki, I've read it! AND I know Sylyia, she's married to one of Sean's myriad cousins on the Khan side and they are a wonderful family. I keep asking her to sell me a copy but she hasn't got any left :(