Is It Thursday Already??

Where is the week going?

I am producing a newsletter for the National Childbirth Trust for the South Dorset area, and it's a learning experience I tell you. Talk about in at the deep end! The last NCT group sort of disbanded a few years back, leaving absolutely no records or advice, and here I am (here we all are, in fact) starting from scratch... Trying to find old contacts. Leaving voice mail messages to potential corporate advertisers that say, "Hello, this is Nan S. calling from the NCT. We are currently working on bringing out our new-look! newsletter! in time for summer! and DO NOT PUT THAT IN YOUR BROTHER'S NOSE YOUNG MAN ARE YOU CRAZY and if you would be interested in advertising space in SHHHHH I'M ON THE PHONE would you please call me at, seven, ummm... what the hell is my phone number? *sigh* well! I'll get back to you on this then.Thank you."

Which is why email is really the way to go, in case you were wondering how to sell your ad space. And if you DO have to phone, don't state your name and company first. Leave it to the end, and if it's gone really badly you can insert an enemy's name and business contact instead. OR! You could invent a random other charity (bring back frilly socks! newsletter!), and pretend that you are in competition! That way you can call the next day (disguised voice) and leave your very professional voicemail, (children having been tied up, gagged and placed in convenient cupboard) and the company will say, "Oh, we'll advertise with THEM, not those other weirdos."

Apart from slight glitches like that, the newsletter is coming along well, and I have learned so much about Publisher programs, advertising, remembering to add VAT to invoices, mass e-mailing, layouts, printing, fundraising, charity regulations, and all the things that a magazine needs. Advertisers have been mostly enthusiastic and kind. This has been better, so far, that doing a course, and I only hope that I make my printing deadlines and make a profit, and don't make an ass of myself (much). Wish me luck! My fellow NCT-ers are also doing a great job, and are professional and awesome. Their first fundraising event was a huge success. The chair, Kathryn, is my hero. They are a great group to work with!


In Trini news...

On the back of the water truck from the last post, there is some Trinidadian "Picong" for your entertainment. See why I love Trinis? There is an election coming up in Trinidad. Will the next government be sensible, honest and intelligent? Will the rainforest be saved? Will residents be provided with water and other basics? Time will tell. Meanwhile, the elections Picong is keeping us all entertained.

In other environmental news, I have a new bicycle! Sean is home on leave, which means more fun around here and best of all, another responsible grownup in the house! I have hardly cooked a thing all week, and am using those wonderful words "Go Ask Dad" to my heart's content. Anyway, Sean and Chas and Sam built me a beautiful bike, using parts from a "Part Bundle" and other bits. They are amazing! Look at my pretty bike, complete with wicker basket!

I feel very provincial, pedalling around town. Sean is an avid cyclist - he was the local junior champion before I met him - and he has been trying to get me enthusiastic about cycling for fourteen years (you have to admire his optimism!) The first time I agreed to go riding with him, I fell spectacularly into a bush full of stinkbugs. I wobble along, Sean offering advice and encouragement, but I will never be able to keep up with him. My last bike had lots of gears and go-faster features, and I STILL wobbled along in one gear.

So Sean has learned to accept that if we ride together, it will be very slowly, chatting about the scenery (me: Look at that cottage! Oh wow, it must be AAAAARGH A TREE! Sean: Gear down, stand on your pedals, don't lean forward! What did you say?) And to this end, he has provided me with a pretty 3-speed bike which will never win a race but looks mighty fine and has THE most comfy saddle ever graced by my bottom. Sean has been valiantly walking up hills with me pushing our bikes, and hiding his face when another Real Cyclist comes zipping past leaving us in his dust.


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Now, I'm off to go riding to Market Day in Boscombe, and have lunch in the Boscanova Café with my husband. Nice!


I lie the snazzy bike- enjoy!
Anonymous said…
Your bike is AWESOME! It's my dream-cycle! How fun to pedal everywhere!
Your description of getting those phone calls done slays me--I've been there often enough. That's some learning curve you're on, but I applaud your diligence and how you're carrying on. Good for you!
Anonymous said…
Love your bike! Great colour and everything!
aclare said…
You're a regular Angela Lansbury!! Next you will writing murder mystery novels and living in beautiful 19th century colonial house!! Heheee...
Nan Sheppard said…
I've been singing Queen's "I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my biiiike!"
Wacky Mommy said…
Blondie, you're so cute on your bike :)