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Last night, we finished reading 'The Last Battle', the final story in the Narnia series. The last time I read this series to my kids, I stopped at 'The Silver Chair', so this was the first time we've read 'The Last Battle' as a family. At the end, all of the star characters meet up in a sort of 'Heaven' (C.S.Lewis wrote many religious books, my favourite being 'The Screwtape Letters') and we were beginning to find it a little tedious. What happened to the story, my children wanted to know?

Chas, who had read the book on his own, said "This book spoiled the whole series for me." He found it moralistic and sad.

When all of the lucky characters are milling and meeting, Max said "Where is Ginger? What about Ginger?"

"Well." I mused, "This is sort of like Heaven, and many religious people think that people get to go to Heaven if they are good, and I suppose Ginger was a bit bad."

"BUT!" Max sat up straight, arms outstretched, "They all FEEL so good when they get there. They forget everything bad. They can be their real good self!"

And THAT led to a lively discussion about forgiveness and our perceptions of wisdom and goodness, I can tell you. What do YOU think?


Anonymous said…
Wow, heavy stuff! We haven't gotten that far in the series!
I believe that it's God's standard, not people's because as humans, we're inherently flawed. I also believe in God's grace and forgiveness which gives us 100% clemency through Jesus. This has nothing to do with my feelings, however, because my feelings are as changeable as the weather and a terrible map to set my life's course by!
The Mother said…
Us atheist families rarely have that problem.

My kids read the first part of the first book of the Narnia series and announced it was too silly. And they have that most annoying of all plot to sci fi/fantasy geeks--no matter how smart or valorous the protagonists are, they always need Aslan to save the day.
Unknown said…
I think it's fabulous that your read, aloud, together as a group.

You have no idea how rare that is.
i am the diva said…

Some smart kiddos you have there. What a great conversation starter for a meaty topic!
Wacky Mommy said…
I think your kids are smart as all get-out is what I think.
I'm with Lou- fabulous! And that you then discuss what you read aloud together- double fabulous!
Nan Sheppard said…
Great comments... Yes, reading together is a great way to get your teeth into topics. We're very anti-religion around here, and some of us are Atheist... the kids will decide for themselves.

The first books are such great stories... the last one, lame! Except for discussing! said…
Wow! Now THAT'S a question! You know there are those, (some gnostics among them), who believe that really, Christ is going to fetch everyone up, not just the saved. and the threat of sending the unsaved to hell is just a threat to get everyone to behave.
Personally, I have no idea... I just like feeling prepared myself! ;-)
Religion is like a TV dinner, it's a ready made solution to alot of problems that many people find difficult to figure out themselves.
I sure am glad that we know how to cook at our house!

...and my verification word was "walla"
Indian word for "worker"
so Voila!
Trust Max, that Wise Head, to create the Conundrum!
Nan Sheppard said…
Ahh, poetry, Seanos my Love Chicken! I, too, am glad we know how to cook at our house.

Dad, Max is the wisest of them all...