Breastfeeding is not 'Best'... it's Something Else Altogether

Health Fear Over Aluminium in Formula Milk as Researchers Discover up to 40 Times More Aluminium Than in Breast Milk:Chemist Dr Chris Exley, who led the study at Keele University, Staffordshire, said: 'We've known about the high aluminium content in infant formula for many years and there is evidence to show it is potentially quite dangerous.
'It has been linked to neurological diseases and bone defects in later life and there are even links with dementia.
'Everyone has aluminium in their bodies but infants are especially prone to absorbing it and are not so good at getting rid of it.'

Similac Recall: Bits of Beetles and Larvae in Formula Oh, my goodness.

Cow and Gate, Stop Telling Fibs. And get your facts straight.

And in other news:Midwives should be advised not to accept Aptamil grants.


Unknown said…
I am as much a supporter of breast feeding as anyone - yet I find that picture just a bit ... offputting.

In my opinion, that child is WAY too old to be breastfeeding. I realize that each mother makes that decision for herself and her child - but weaning a child is just as important for his/her health as breastfeeding is in the first place.

If he's old enough to say, "Lunch, Mommy?", he's old enough for a sandwich.
Breast feeding IS a whole other thing. It's specifically, exactly, individually just what your baby needs for optimum health and growth. And it's free.
aclare said…
Yes the FDA (or whatever the UK equivalent is) do have a lot to answer for. When I did my school project on food additives I stopped eating most things for almost a year. And now I try not to think about it! I just look at my husband and think "OK he is still very much alive so I'll keep going".

Doesn't mean though that I stop spending fortunes on good quality meat, fruit and vegetables! And sometimes even that is not good enough! But I still want the best start in life for my kids. But what can you do, but buy a farm and produce it all yourself? It's a dilemma!
OK, Nan. We love Lou. Do you take him on or do I?
Nan Sheppard said…
I love all of my commenters... I was wondering what y'all would have to say to what Lou said!

Lou, the WHO says (with science and medicine behind them) that all kids should be breastfed until at least two years of age. It ain't fashionable, though.
WHO: "Breast fed exclusively until 6 mos. and then at LEAST until 2 years." CDC: "or as long as mutually desired". In areas of not good options for infants and toddlers (read, a lot of the world) breast feeding is their best chance for optimal growth and development, especially brain growth. We're not talking fashion here!
Miranda said…
Well my son didn't say much till about two years, so yes Lou, when they can say 'lunch mummy?' it's a good time to stop.

I think it's also good to remind readers that 6 months is the minimum! Not the maximum! People get confused about that.